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Submitting Your Properties for FREE

We have made the process of adding OFF-Market real estate deals simple. All you need to do is submit your properties by email. Simply email your properties to newproperty@investorsdropbox.com with all details of the property along with your contact information. You will then receive a Thank You email notification with additional questions in order to categorize your listing. It is important that you respond to the email so that your properties get exposed to a large audience. Then just sit back and enjoy the FREE Leads.

Increase Your Sales! FREE Leads !

Empowering millions of Real Estate Professionals nationwide. Our platform is working around the clock 24/7/365 for you. When your properties are submitted to our portal, they are being self-managed so that you are not having to keep track of the listing. You will sit back and enjoy the FREE leads. This is truly a trusted world-class operation designed specifically for Real Estate Professionals.

How does it  Work?

Property Wholesalers are directly interfaced to our portal by simply emailing us to a specific email address. Once properties are received it will be distributed to our large list of Cash Buyers nationwide. Property Wholesalers get the benefit of FREE leads and Property Investors gets the benefits of new OFF-Market deals being delivered to them base on criteria set by them.