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Affiliate Program

Earn a generous 50% residual commission on Membership sales for the entire duration of the customer's membership life time. Our Membership currently costs $15 per month, which means you will receive $7.50 per month as your recurring commission. Keep in mind that the Membership price may change in the future. If it increases, for example, to $50 per month, you will still enjoy a substantial $25 per month residual commission.

Payouts are processed monthly on the 1st day of each month.

Once you refer a potential customer to our site using your unique Affiliate link, our advanced tracking system will use cookies to remember them permanently. This means that even if they sign up months later directly through our site without your Affiliate ID, you will still receive credit for the sale. However, please note that if a customer clears their cache and cookies, the tracking will no longer be possible.

Affiliate Program Benefits

As an affiliate, you will have access to a comprehensive Marketing Dashboard. This dashboard empowers you to monitor your marketing materials' performance, keep track of the Memberships you've sold, and manage all your leads efficiently. You only need to copy and paste links on Social Media platforms to start getting leads. All Marketing Materials will be provided to you withing your Dashboard. There is NO direct communication with clients, as we provide online Live Chat Support to assist in converting leads into sales.


To participate in our Affiliate Program, you'll need a computer with basic internet capabilities. You'll be responsible for promoting our services by sharing links on various platforms, such as social media groups, blogs, vlogs, listing directories, and other websites that can generate traffic. If you are outside of the USA, it may be required for you to have your own VPN. Rest assured, we will equip you with online software and tools to help you generate traffic and acquire leads successfully.